How to Make Camping Glamping: 8 Product Ideas to Take Your Camping to the Next Level!

Glamping interest is on the rise. More and more individuals are looking to get out and explore the wilderness without sacrificing comfort. While there are luxury camping resorts and glamping sites popping up all over the map, they can be expensive and often have limited availability. Before you shop for the perfect products to elevate your camping experience, you will want to book the perfect campsite. Ideally, you will want to find one that supplies electricity.

Once you've selected your dream destination and have the perfect glamping tent for your needs, it's time to take your glamping trip experience to the next level with these 8 DIY glamping products.



There is nothing quite like kicking back and enjoying an outdoor movie! With a portable camping projector, you can easily turn the side of your tent, a pizza box, or anything else with a white background into a cinema screen.


Portable Espresso Maker

Be your own outdoor barista with a portable espresso maker!  All you need is coffee powder and hot water. Fast and simple, with no messy grinds to clean up.



Tent Air Conditioner

If you're looking for a proper glamping experience, chances are you want to sleep comfortably. As we know,  hot summer nights can lead to tossing and turning when cooped up in a tent. With a portable tent air conditioner, you can keep your tent at the perfect sleeping temperature!



Solar Shower Bag

If you're glamping off the grid or setting yourself up on a campsite without a nearby bathroom to shower, you will want to invest in a portable shower bag. Fortunately, there are solar-powered options that will provide you with a hot, steamy shower!



Portable Fire Pit

While most campsites come with a fire pit, you may want to set up an additional or have a quick, safe option for when you're out on a hike.  A portable fire pit can fold out like a chair and keep your fire elevated off the ground, which is perfect for when the ground is too wet, or to prevent forest fires!



Camping Waffle Maker

Don't settle for toast and cereal in the morning, start your day with the ultimate glamping breakfast, waffles! Simply prep the batter and cook everything over a fire.  Quick, easy, and delicious!


Hammock Underquilt

If you love taking hammock naps, you'll love a hammock underquilt. It turns your standard hammock into a glampers dream by adding both an extra layer of comfort and insulation, so you can sleep nice and toasty!



For more glamping product ideas, take a look at Adventure Gear Co.'s entire Glamping Collection!