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Ski Skates
Ski Skates
Ski Skates
Ski Skates

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Ski Skates

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Turn your boots into mini, portable skis with Ski Skates!

  • One size fits all
  • Light & small. Fits in any bag
  • Durable heel brake to stop/slow-down
  • Perfect for small hills, hiking trails, or even your backyard!

Unlike snow shoes or cross country skis, Ski Skates are small and light enough to stuff in a backpack. Take them out when you want to pick up a little speed or glide across a snowy surface.

These beginner ski skates offer a simple-to-use experience. You don't need to be a skiing or snowboarding expert. Easily fits over your boots, making them quick to take on and off on your adventure.

Sizing is universal meaning that one size fits all. Our recommended boot sizes are between 7-12. Our Ski Skates are made of highly durable plastic material with straps and buckles, ensuring they will be with you for a long time, even after long periods of use.

Ski skate's can easily be used almost anywhere! Like narrow forest paths, where you wouldn’t be able to get a pair of skis or a snowboard. And compared to skis, ski skates are quite inexpensive.

If you love to ski, snowboard, or cross country ski, you will love Ski Skates!

Please note. Our ski skates are meant for basic on & off-trail treks. They are not built for downhill or snow parks.