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Inflatable Bracelet
Inflatable Bracelet

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Inflatable Bracelet

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Lifesaving bracelet + 3 carbon dioxide bottles

High buoyancy design, comfortable, portable, lightweight wristband with inflatable gasbag gives your a sense of security when out on the water. 

  • Turn the handle switch in case of emergency. The lifesaving inflatable bracelet airbag can be filled within 1-2 seconds.
  • No matter the situation, if you are swimming, surfing, fishing, or white water rafting, this wrist floatation device can keep you afloat!
  • [Quick Tips]: Before using, please check the air floatation device, wrist-strap, and carbon dioxide bottle.
  • Open the airbag carefully, rotate the cylinder counterclockwise to check whether the cylinder is used or not, replace it with a new bottle.


Material: PC+TPU+Plastic+Aluminum Alloy.
Airbag material: High buoyancy waterproof TPU composite fabric
Cylinder's material: Iron plated nickel
Gas type:  Frozen hydraulic carbon dioxide
Storage Temperature: -20℃-+70℃
Gas volume: 5.89 CO2